Stress and Self-esteem Test: Interesting Situational Multiple Questions

Take as much time as you need to answer each of the questions. On average the test takes about fifteen minutes. There are no right or wrong answers. It is important that you take the test before you read the analysis which follows it, in order to assure that your answer will not be biased.

Read the description of each situation and vividly imagine it happening to you. You have probably not experienced some of the situations, but that doesn`t matter. Perhaps neither response will seem to fit; go ahead anyway and circle either A or B, choosing the cause likelier to apply to you. You may not like the way some of the responses sound, but don`t choose what you think you should say or what would sound right to other people; choose the response you`d be likelier to have.

Circle only one response for each question. Ignore the letter and number codes for now.

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2015 Market Analysis: Cloud Computing in Health care

After reading 2015 market reach of cloud computing in healthcare on various blogs and press release of major cloud service provider recently, my focus diverted on one of the interesting New York Time’s blog posted by quentin hardy with the title ‘The era of Cloud Computing’ where he explains the Cloud services and it’s diverse cost effective economic benefits and technological developments of virtual web of servers interlinking together. According to recent interview; Mark DePristo, a vice president for SynapDx said “Without the cloud I’d need $1 million, plus staff, just for the computer,” but with cloud computing SynapDx spends $25,000 a month instead. On the other hand, technically cloud server management and it’s integrated data centers are more cheaper in cost and comprises 80% more reliable in data redundancy and uplink in service than traditional bare metal servers computing.

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