“Discoverable Past, Present and Future of Universe

It will be a mind compulsion to think about our universe with infinity planets, stars and galaxies with enormous milky ways. According to Stephan Hawking who describe ‘Universe is a subject which will never be boring‘. We humans never observe that universe in which we exist is an extraordinary place with its own ultimate secrets and waiting for explorations because we never tend to focus on its power of nature and space. Until now scientists, philosophers and even most of the religions defined ‘universe’ with their own capacity of understanding and subject.

As far as science is concerned with universe, we can never conclude how far does science has deep relationship with universe and cosmology. Beginning with cosmos at very large scale, each tiny light represents entire galaxies in which each galaxy points out billions of individual stars. As science developed until now, scientists study the complex galaxies and their moving pattern with super-computer 3d simulation and high imaging of stars through telescopes. Scientist mostly pronounced universe with simple concept “Spider Web“, because it spread out in every direction with uncountable stars moving around each other’s. Most of the cosmologists believe that in universe only earth is quiet common place which inhabitants with its own system. In our solar system, there exists yellow star, orbited by 8 planets within those planets only one planet (Earth) include a species….US. With Macro aspect of beginning of human race from stone ages, until now we had already found out the how this universe has come into existence evenly further we proved their reasons with logical aspects. All previous human races only likely to debate and presented their unsolvable theories and myths considering Greek mythology to the worshiping of stars and different gods. (Ancient philosophers’ who purposes that earth is flat). We now concluded the basic mystery which perplex ourselves with our ancestors and their trends for at least 200 000 years ago. What we people summarizes from these facts, that they are not only elegant with their sense of nature but quite surprising that how human has diverge from the stone age to the exploration of space with it’s simple unique capability of thinking and logical understanding. We are living in the breath taking dome where things around us, big or small all of them are from stars once. Boiling fancies of hydrogen gas of star like our sun  made even the atoms of our eye  lashes. We believe that our universe un-imaginably ancient with 14  billion years old as much and it is predicted that ‘it will exists twice of its current age in future’. But without a doubt the fact remain important and noteworthy that the complete enormous universe, all galaxies, even time and space as well as the forces of nature are materialized out of nothing but a point.

We are the most advance and modern breed out of all human races until now, and with that we already study with manipulation the universe which makes us more significant. My purpose of writing remains same to ‘explain the universe and our definition in this huge cosmos’. We are more than propitious that we could find intimations everywhere for that. One of them always stays above our head, STARS. Examine any patch of the sky in the night, even as small as head of ‘common pin’ what we will find a tiny integral part of huge galaxy but even whatever we see from the sky; doesn’t even count a one part of our cosmos. But even with small patch of universe, we are able to find the key to future, past and present nature of universe. The clue is that seeing these distant planets and stars from earth is slightly red in Colour and appeared as we see them from rose tainted glasses. This redness, provide us logical reason that how universe was born. To prove the experiment, take any long straight road with speedy car, observe the sound of acceleration of car, you will notice that as car approaches near pitch of sound increases and as car goes away pitch of sound decreases. In physics this phenomenon is called Doppler shift. And same concept is applied on light because human eye is very much sensitive on colours, we can observe that if car approaching near then it appeared slightly blue and as it goes away it appeared slightly reds. This same rule applies in space too; all galaxies appeared little red because if same rule of physics applies in universe it means that galaxies are moving away and in fact whole universe is expanding in all direction, getting bigger and bigger like a balloon. I know it’s astonishing for us as common general public but off course for cosmologists; is a big lottery. It provide us a new direction from where universe came into being and all we needed to do is to stop the time and make it run reverse all the galaxies and planet in fact converges into one single point. And this all goes back to 13.7 Billion ago; it’s very  simple according to science, rarely just follow the clues we can deduce that a very long time ago the universe bust out to came into exist [Event called ‘Big  Bang’].Be fore we understand the Big Bang, it is very important that light never existed before big bang. So cosmologist used special types of night visuals to understand the discovery of Big Bang. There is a very complex concept behind big bang that before big bang,  no space exists; it means no outside….so what exists in before that?  Response for that only inside exists there. Inside big and enormous star of big bang, strange kind of universe  was take birth. Still scientist can’t explain the naturally occurring of big bang’s inside but it is believed that standard  concept of time and space wasn’t there; there was only tiny ultra-hot fog which exists inside big bang. At one point it began to expand, with tremendous radiation and light. It is believed that big bang was like a size of an atom and it expanded thousands of miles and it took no time to cover large distance. As these radiation unfolds itself, across the universe. They become cooler and cooler as moment and time passes. Within 100 seconds, Universe was as big as our solar system is now (Trillions of miles  across). While radiation gets cooler, at that initial point Matter came to exists. Countless sub-atomic particles began to combine each other. At that time universe came to exists because some of the matter was made by particle and other by what we call anti-particle. When they both collide with each other, they create huge energy and blasts. With sense of common people, universe came into exists with many and much wastage of time with much unpredictable slow process. Off Course matter was bit more than the anti-matter, so billion of matter survived the blast which was lucky for us because that residue is what today our universe is made of. In common words, we are made up of with the smoke of big bang. By the time cosmos was 10 mins old, it already covered thousands of light year in diameter after that everything started to cool for another 333,000 year until then fog began to clear and universe became too visualized. So that’s how everything transforms from the ashes of nothing and probably every different explanation than the prediction on which our ancestor came up with. Next thing which came up was much surprising and  spectacular, because it shows us how universe changed from fog into vast galaxies and cosmos. With Innovative technology  in simulations and 3d graphic program; scientists already simulated the transformatio n of universe  from thin fog. They fast forwarded the activity and these transformations of atom by atom, in results a place with thousands and billions of galaxies filled with stars. Scientists describe the transformation of universe as “Natural occurring engineering at very spectacular scale”.

So the question which comes in our mind is that ‘What drove the cosmic cloud into huge transformation of galaxy? Answer is Force of Gravity; so newton wasn’t correct within the relation of an apple falling down on the ground. Idea of gravity wasn’t born in any hospital but Rediscovered by Isaac Newton, at Cambridge University, Great Britain back in 17th century when an apple fell upon his head, from that effect he found out that the great the mass of any object is directly proportional to the force of attraction and inversely proportional to their square of distance. All this is possible due to gravity. It is thought that gravity was created when big bang occurred. In earlier days, gravity has much bigger role to play. Right after the Big Bang; Universe was just a combination of gas, all most perfectly spread out through space. Over the next 200 million, gravity began to pull the entire gas atom together; it was the very first structure from which all things began to form. In 1982 Group of scientist, spend three weeks on simple experiment to explain the transformation of what we call ‘Our Existence’. Although the calculation behind the experiment was very much hard but the demonstration is quite simple in which a flat surface is filled with ball bearing which represent the gas atom of universe. It is predicted that if each of the ball bearings are on equal distance then gravity will pull them with equal force of attraction in all direction and in result they remain in perfect alignment and nothing will happened in effect. Unfortunately that’s not what happened actually because this is a basic rule in universe  that nothing is much absolute  perfect or complete, Perfection doesn’t really exist in simple. Universe has unevenness in transformation, and we can study that effect by removing any one of the ball bearing. And effect can be seen as shown in the picture. Gravity pulls each of the ball bearings   to itself and that’s what happened in the earlier periods of universe. Less dense areas in the universe represent the thin gas just like the gaps between the ball bearing in experiment, on the other side  the heavily  dense areas in universe where gravity has much force became a place with full of galaxies and stars. Cosmos took a first step to make itself a beautiful place. We can say that; Irregularity, Uneven or luck of  imperfections was the reason of universe transformation. So it’s a universal fact that Imperfection is anothe r quality of behavior so making mistakes is a good thing because with imperfection neither I nor any of us would exist.

13.5 Billion year ago, Universe was just a hydrogen gas. With what gravity did and always does (Slowly pulling into vast cloud). Hydrogen is the simplest form of gases but it has a very special property and tremendous source of power, Heat hydrogen by 10 million degrees and it will began to produce the energy similar to the energy which makes stars shine and supply the universe with heat and light. To see how it works, there is a theoretical experiment. As we can make a small star on the earth, suppose a football stadium full of hydrogen gas and as we compel the molecules of hydrogen gas to attract each other, just as gravity does. As the hydrogen atoms compress with each other, due to collision between them temperature began to rise. By the time it is  compress into the size of a soccer ball, the hydrogen gas reach its critical temperature of 10 million degrees and at certain point a process began which is known as nuclear fusion reaction.  Hydrogen starts to fuse together making new element helium but there would always be some side product in every reaction so with the production of helium, enormous energy would also be released. Off course we had created a miniature star. If that experiment is performing practically, effects would be too much dangerous and inevitable. The reason is crystal clear that energy created on this small scale might have some big level of effects as shown in the picture. Coming Back   into universe, same sort of process  happens right in the begin of its birth on large scale, hydrogen gas  compressed during millions of years  due to gravity until as much hot deep enough in center that fission reaction   took place. And  that’s the way  our first star was born, pouring its energy into vast universe, product of law of nature and raw material from big bang. It was 10000 times bigger than our sun, with deep blue Colour. That’s the way Stars were turning on and same process even today happen in universe again and again.

But In fact we are too much far away from what we are even today. Because we can’t make earth with only gases but we need something else for living….”Water”. We need resources and elements (Oxygen, Iron) for survival because even though there are some common things which can be found on earth in big quantity but impossible to find in other planets or universe. Explanation for that can comes from many ways, one of them can be remark that stars not only offer light or shine but also provide element like oxygen, nitrogen and even gold. In other lyrics; stars are similar giant factory with many kinds of production. Let’s see how star look like from inside, if we cut star into two pieces. Just as hydrogen gas is fusing to produce helium gas for star energy but as we know helium is slightly heavier than hydrogen so it stinks with center. So now helium began to fuse and so different product in result (New element: Carbon). This process repeated over again and again and star transforms  the shape like  an onion. So the nearer to the center, heavier the element can be found within it; like iron. But after the long slow process of  fission reaction; now Iron doesn’t really fuse  so it doesn’t produces energy. And time by time, it began to produce less energy and it became dull at certain point. Now the gravity takes the place and it squash the star in itself and due to   compression its temperature in the core began to rise, hotter than our sun’s core. Finally the star collapse and huge explosion takes place. That’s what scientist call ‘super nova’,  death of the star  and birth of something new. During this process of  birth and death of stars huge shock  waves are passed through the universe that even fused  iron from  those star are transformed into even heavier elements such as; Gold, Platinum, Lead are made. Because these precious elements are made between the centers of whole process, these metals are produce with the flash of stars, billions of years ago and this finale of process is even happening today around us. Evenly what now I am going to say, that’s also be wired that even the elements of our body are constructed by these stars. Now the gravity takes the place and it squash the star in itself and due to compression its temperature in the core began to rise,  hotter than our sun’s core. Finally the star collapse  and huge explosion takes place. That’s what scientist call ‘super nova’, death of the star and birth of something new. During this process  of birth and death of stars  huge shock waves are passed through the universe that even fused iron from those star are transformed into even heavier elements such as; Gold, Platinum, Lead are made. Because these precious elements are made between the centers of whole process, these metals are produce with the flash of stars, billions of years  ago and this finale of process is even  happening today around us. Evenly what now I am going to say, that’s also be wired that even the elements of our body are constructed by the stuff of the stars. After 300 Million after the big bang, stars began to formed  galaxy with variety of shapes and sizes. Our galaxy ‘Milky way’ is thought to be as oldest, having started assembling itself 13 billion years ago. It’s roughly 6000 million miles in diameter and contains 200 billion individual stars, but even that’s only  the predictions because we can’t count all the stars from above the sky. As I mentioned in previous paragraph that stars are the creation of gravity so Gravity is the hero because it just convert the gases into beauty and power. But as gravity is the hero, it also has some dark side. In the center of our galaxy, there is an example of when gravity began to rule unchallenged, we call them ‘Black Hole’. Stephan Hawking during his 20s did some of the mathematical calculation on Black holes, those calculation were assumed wrong but now they are the gateway for the research calculation and popular. Physicists And Scientists from all over the world are trying to figuring the behavior of black hole with different  computer simulations. They proved  that Black holes had a major role in filling of universe with stars and even whole galaxies. Black Hole can be defined in terms of a large star (20 times masses than our sun) comes to the end of his life. That star doesn’t look like shining because it began to  vibrate and motion. Finally, it becomes to shrink, getting denser and denser and hotter and hotter. There is no  force in universe to stop that star from collapsing. And it started to force it’s  surrounding to pull in itself  and itself. Literally, a millions of mile  of diameter is  shrinking up to 12 mile of diameter round the black hole. All the mass is kept in the center and force inside itself keeping it down, smaller and smaller, core of source reaches billion of degrees. And then blast, the outer layer spread out the super nova but within the center of that core falls down that what we call the gravitational well. It crashes itself into a single point that point is what we call the black hole. Nothing can stay within around the black hole because it pulls all the things within it inside not even light can escape the black hole. It’s unpredictable that how much a black hole could be denser. In order to find out, the phenomenon behind black Hole, Scientists proved a theoretical calculation on earth. Theory was as follows ‘Suppose Earth is compressed piece by piece towards center until it became a black Hole, From 8000 Miles in diameter to the radius of P. Scientists also concluded that Black Hole although can never be perfectly black as the reason that early universe can never spread out perfectly. So there would be anything which could give off the black hole (Radiation). Smaller the black hole, the greater the radiations are emitting out of black Hole. Even the size of black hole with mountain range could shine. Out in space most of the Black Holes are much larger. The smaller black hole is as much smaller than 4 times bigger than our sun and 50 miles in diameter. And larger Black holes could contain thousands of sun masses. And there are some super-massive black holes, which exists in the center of galaxies  like our own milky way. This is black hole is thought to have the mass of 4  billion of sun and diameter of 11 million miles. These black holes are the hub in which galaxies are rotate around. So 8 billion after Big Bang, remarkable good run, we have stars and galaxies which are rotating a round giant black holes.

Now it’s the question about formation of our sun, earth and even us. Our solar system lies about 26000 light years from the center of our galaxy (Milky Way). The average of the rotating of the planets in our solar system is 6 billion old. As we already know it all started from Big Bang. Astronomers already noticed some dust in space which we called “Nebulae”, there are beautiful and different. These dusts contain oxygen, nitrogen, silica and carbon etc. These contain those elements which make stuff like our earth. After becoming denser, nebulas began to pull each of the gas particles. Vast spiral of dust began to form and at the center of these things, a new thing like earth start to shape. In other words; earth is built by dust and gravity. This is how earth looks like 6 billion years ago. But even our planet would remain a hot rocky planet if one more event didn’t occur. 93 mile away from the nebula (earth) vast atom of hydrogen began to attract each other. A new star and our sun was coming to life, as our sun ignited a solar wind, a radioactive gust of energy give out and that’s the reason that at the outer planet in our solar system contain gas, like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, further near we will find planets with more denser in rocky (Mercury, Venus, Mar and earth). Luckily sun is 8000 mile in diameter or just the right side to burn consistently. It’s a lucky spot for the earth that it has temperate position that it’s can sustain life up to 8 Billion years long enough to take enough development to take place life in other part of universe. Life is the strangest phenomenon because life shows the capability of anything. Yet it tell us that how much time ago life began on the earth and most likely reason for that can be that we are an accident, by some chance some molecules bump with each other at random and then copy itself and then happen an extra-ordinary thing that make the life. What life required was that it needed right place to occur and enough time to make itself and life is common throughout earth but as life developed from certain condition, altering the very fabric of earth. And so some of the other related calculation also proved that universe itself provides life a good place to exist, although it has no logical explanations but we believe in it firmly. On the other side, if we notice that earth is situated on the right point of solar system to allow  water in pure and normal state and sun has the right size to burn longer than enough for life to  evolve.  Universe has all required elements to make possible life on the earth with different types that had been caused by millions of star blast over again and again to make that happen, these stars formed up due to unevenness and imperfection within gas molecules, that they itself were existed in one in millions of anti-particles to blast that came from the big bang. So  Now  question can be, Is there any grand designer who design this imperfection and unevenness phenomenon, according  to common  perception, Yes because of religious prospect but what science says; No, Not necessary. Suppose if there were other universe like us, which came by their big bang. They would have different laws of physics and nature. In some of them gravity may not be exists or no life, in some of them no hydrogen fused so no stars and no life. And with same idea, universe came and gone with no contribution at all. So perhaps we should not assumed that we are living on the perfect place with perfect sun and perfect nature because only our place can be the one where lives can exists with random nature. Science explained that we are the product of many and many ancient results. And that’s just the beginning which also tells us the depth. With all the calculations; we can also predict, what human can face in the future. And we can discover the fate of universe itself. Cosmology is interesting subject because it tells us not the position of our existence but also tells us the things which make us much exact. We can be the first human being to look around the vast universe may until the end of time itself. This  subject not only tells us what we had in the past but also give reason what will be  in the future. As earth gave us life, it’s sure that it will remain as it is forever.    Earth’s continents are floating slowly and slowly towards North Pole, nobody knows what will happen to life then? But the truth is that we may no longer last enough to find out. As we walk through the sky and space, we find out  that universe is pretty much dangerous place. We are surrounded by millions of asteroids which are the left over during the process of that build the solar system. It’s not the movie climax that asteroids could wipe us out but threat is real. Most of the asteroids around us have their name. This is polis, describe by the Egyptian god of darkness, Discovered in 2000 and the size of 100 floor of skyscraper and around 20 million tones. Its calculated speed is 28000 miles per hour, 10 times faster than bullet and it carries as much energy as total nuclear bomb we have on the earth together. The trajectory is not unknown accurately. But on April 2029, these asteroids will pass through 20 mile above from earth surface and its closer enough more than the satellites revolving around the earth. Luckily there is less risk of those asteroids to hit us but the problem for humanity is that in space there always bigger rocks. Some of them are 10 miles in diameter, size of great city. And there is the proximity that these sizes of asteroids always hit the earth every million years. The last hit was calculated around 65 million years ago, the extinction of dinosaurs. If that happened again, it could destabilize our Planets and put a full stop on the existence of life. As we developed nuclear bomb, this could make our existence in much dangerous artificial threats rather than natural disasters. In last 100 years Human dominated the Planet, result of evolution price. But science provide the conclusion that intelligence is over-rated and good thing of survival. Bacteria managed its survival from billions of years. Intelligence lead us to the technology and there are many ways that technology could wipe us out, Main threat is from nuclear weapon, if we practice nuclear in every 10 years the chances of being same destabilization cold increase of 100 years to 50 years. This sort of trouble is inevitable if happen. Our intelligence is kept on certain limit that we should not use these weapons on any condition. As time marches around us, the universe has other surprise to  show us. There are other powerful things out  there, some of which could destroy our earth without our help. As universe continue to dance itself with ancient rhythm, stars  come and go with rent less time and because there are hundreds and billions of stars. There always die somewhere in the super nova. In our galaxy, stars dies every 50 years, which the briefest moment in the universe. It is conceivable  that a super  nova could damage our earth. One of the super nova which was discovered accidentally been thought to be  dangerous. In 1967 cold war was on his height, U.S military satellite picked up a strong signal which was later found out gamma rays. Gamma Rays are the most dangerous type of known radiation; it’s the tale of atomic weapon. Where the gamma rays were detected from soviet bomb, thankfully the answer for that was no because after carefully analysis of data, it was  summarized that the gamma rays  were coming from outside from space. Even until now, we don’t have any explanation that ‘what causes the bust of gamma rays in space?’ But scientists presented a theory, called ‘Gamma Ray Baster’ which is produced by special types of super nova. What worries us is that they could be near by the earth 8000 light year from the earth, it’s a star known by the name WR14, deep inside the star is a bright sphere, throwing out as white hot gas shell near itself. What we expect that it would throw out a tightly beams in opposite direction, one from each pole as it die. The star will destroy itself as it produces these beams. These beams could produce much energy then the energy produced by our own sun throughout his whole life. No assumption can be made that if the WR15 could produce these beams or if these beams would strike the earth but if we, then high radiation could  melt us out. The deadly radiation will wipe our ozone layer around the earth, allows sun’s radiation to enter. Our sky would be seen like this, as they were once, 450 million years ago, all the creatures were wiped out, in a great extinction, one reason was that; radiation just eroded the Planet so badly that our eco-system collapsed. There is a Poetic-Scientific Philosophy that we should keep our eggs as much as in the basket for our next future generation. That idea could now be seen in different way, The Launch of Apollo 11 was the significant event in   our human history because it was a turning point of universe that life goes out in the space for the first time, or escaped its home Planet and stepped out on to the other surface (Moon).  The footprint of first  astronauts are  even today are preserve even to this day.

There will be a future time when there will be a separate subject about travelling of life to other parts of the universe. As universe gets older we have to be wiser because we have to go more than moon or at least to the Mars. THIS red Planet already distribute much important in the story of cosmos and as well as Hollywood movies. Mars could be the next stepping stone journey to the Planet after moon. Robot on the Mars already given us adequate information that mars is a specular place as well as dangerous. Transporting a human at mars will be the more than a climax of the movie. It’s too much cold and it receives half of its warmth. Its temperature never remains fixed but fluctuate widely in a minute, (80o to -200o). If we survived our self from cold then gravity would make us. Mars is half than the earth and its gravity is as lower as 30%. Within the period of time, the muscle of explorer will be  finished, their bones become weak. Spending a day on the mars and we will be as weak to go back to earth.  Due to low gravity, there is only thin layer of carbon, which is as lower  pressured than our earth atmosphere. Mars has no ozone layer and covered by radiation some time, even though it’s far away from the sun than  the earth. Might be in the future, there would be possibility that we could alter  some of the things on mars so that it’s should be habitable for human kind.  We can use huge Face-mirror to supply, heat, light and warmth on mars. With the help of plastic and glass domes, we could conserve a rich environment on the mars. It’s my  prediction  that  500 years from now Mars would have its language and nationality, currency, even food like as we have now on earth. But even with these predictions could be made reality; the existence of human could be challenge. Look the other universe star, what occurred to them could be repeated on our sun too. Right now sun is between the middle of our life cycle, it became hotter and hotter by  6% every million years. By Next billion years, the temperature of our sun will reaches to billion degrees. At that time our earth would be like, molten rocks mixture and life perished long time earlier. As the sun runs out of fuel, it would begin to expand, turning into what we called red giant. In about 7 billion year from now, sun will 200 times bigger than and 200 million miles. So vast that it will eat up all the Planets one after one.

Gelcer, in scientific notation it’s known as 581D, It’s a large earth like rocky Planet and nearest known. In future this Planet could be our next stop. It was discovered in 2007, Size is 7 times bigger than our earth, it orbit around smaller than our sun but redder than our sun. It maintains perfect distance from its own sun which allows it to have earth like atmosphere and water as well. Its distance from our Planet is more than  20 light years (120 trillion miles). In simple I could explain that Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977, now 33 years old had travelled through Jupiter and Saturn, with their gravity even if we manage to boost the gravity of voyager 1, it might not look so fast but voyager 1 will have the ultimate speed of 11 miles/second  [30Miles/hour on earth], with this speed we could circle twice in an hour around the earth. So how much did voyager would take the time to reach the nearest earth like Planet (gliese)? Even it will take 333000 thousand to reach the gliese with 11miles/second.

With conclusion; Universe is a place which can never be describe with single phenomenon. Particles which make us and life could be exists with same dimension and nature in any other of universe which is yet to be discover by us. May genetic engineering would gave us, longer life so that we could live longer to travel much further than our solar system, modifying our genes could give us a protective skin which could protect us from radiation or ability to breath in poisonous atmosphere or resistance to infections. Custom design organs for space travel. But anyway the biggest mystery for us will be ‘How This Universe will End up with? Why this universe existed at all? Stephan Hawking During his one of lecture in japan was asked not to answer the question about ended up universe, because it would collapse the stock shares of the various companies. But even with that; Universe is at its youth. It is predicted that Universe has the time as much as 30 billion years from now to end up. We had plenty of discoveries to be discovered. New stars and Planets would bear even before our own sun would die. We are the temporize custodian material part of which we are made. Using computer simulation we could see how universe are attracted with each other, in result of vast and slow collision. Our galaxy is expected to merge with other nearby galaxy by 3 billion years from now, a process that will take 2 billion years to complete the mergence. This process is happening in universe again and again everywhere forming new galaxies, billions of stars and their masses cause to die and reform. Again gravity is the major tool for the process. This is how universe look like, when we are exempt from time and scale. The last question in doubt will always pinch us that Is this universe will remain forever in his repetition (according to science) or Is there any full-stop in mass, energy, space or time?’ Maybe we are not much intelligent or clever enough to answer these questions or try to. Whatever happened, or tend, force to happen which caused big bang will also tell us the fate of end of this universe. Until then we are unable to solve the mystery. The is a concept of Dark Energy which tends to push space as well apart from each other, other words it’s the opposite of gravity. Directly we could make assumptions that Dark energy could only tell us the fate of ‘How universe will end up?’ If dark Energy is weaker than gravity then gravity is on upper hand and after 20 billion years from now it will reversed what it was like before in big bang. Or spaces will it crushed itself. This theory is known as “Big Crunch”. But this theory is not much voted then Obama. Most of the scientists believe in opposite of ‘Big Crunch Theory’ that universe will remain to expand and become cold and at certain point no gravity will be in universe this can be called as “Big Chilled”. In the end, I Would completes my sentences of idea that “Whatever we would discover in future in cosmology, we would be more step near to the reality and truth of universe.”



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