Aspects of Successful Intelligence


Successful theory of intelligence comprises four main components, which hold ‘balance of analytical, creative and practical abilities’. There are three aspects of intelligence as far as what i heard, read and perceive in practical tasks; which can be defined as Analytical, creative and practical intelligence. Analytical or statistical abilities are the abilities calculated by traditional tests and examination methods. Success in practical and corporative perspective however doesn’t primarily significant. The theory of successful intelligence includes three aspects of intelligence which, in composition, are important for success life with less risk failures. That’s the reason I like to highlight each aspect for being important if one professional identifies them and uses these methods in balance and optimised way.  Analytical Intelligence required problem-solving perspective and to judge the how reliable the ideas are. However, skills or any technical mathematics is not enough. In Informational technology this intelligence is used by the machines as artificial intelligence and this process is called as ‘Debugging Process’, Economist used this approach in risk management. This aspects of intelligence only identifies what the problem is, (not the solution) and practical theoretical simulation to determine which solutions or probabilities are realistic. Generating a solution requires the next level step which is Creative Intelligence. This aspect formulates good problem which suitable solutions which matches the probability. This may requires a prototype experiment in terms of testing a new product before launching in a real market for buyers. This type of intelligence is important when considering solutions to problems that would seems to impossible (Use of Mathematical integrations). Some individuals give up on their daydreams and ideal goals because they assume their current life situation prohibits them from accomplishing them (I called these individual more analytical mindset). This means Discrepancies between realistic self image and one’s ideal self can lead to depression according to Strauman and Higgins research. However creativity can be used to imagine ways to bring a person more closer to reach his/her goals. And again; Creative sense of intelligence alone is not enough to be successful. The person who seems to dwell in dream world without any rationality of practical rule of cause-effect may end up in paradoxity. Up to this point one might be thinking what could be done in imperfect scenario? So we have third aspect which needed to use the ideas and analysis in an effective way to support the platform pragmatically. Usually probability of success won’t be attained until one produces update innovative methods (mostly Research and Development Sector of any business handles the executions of ideas) and then works out the ramifications of these ideas in real world and market that idea in the shape of intellectual property or persuade others of advantages of the ideas (Practical Ability). All most majority of startups requires to implement this strategic intelligence methods, to understand what people needs are and what their competitors produces. Practical intelligence urges resourcefulness and abstract thinking skills, which might requires to set up small think tank comprising of professional with crazy ideas. Fourth mystical component of successful intelligence is defined ‘as ability to achieve success by implement a simple idea within sociocultural context’. This stresses the importance of going beyond just limits in whatever legitimate way to achieve the goals. Developers and code-editors can really understand what I am talking about. In common words we describe this aspect as feelings of being ‘motivate’. No one is good at everything, it often is how well people can overcome obstacle in their lives by using strengths that are the best simulations of their intelligence and thousand attempts to correct weaknesses. In the end, in my opinion traditional method of calculating IQ level is not sufficient because it only focuses the importance of individual’s adaptation to his environment. Performance on IQ test requires adjustment to specific questions but no matter how one performs, these questions (the environment of the test) do not change.


2 thoughts on “Aspects of Successful Intelligence

  1. The above text is intelligent, but not easily understood. Nominalizations of the majority of the sentences, and the associated wordiness make this piece difficult to follow.


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